RIP to good old Jack Germond

The real Lou Grant – but with lots of booze, horses and cigars. I always liked this guy . . . lookee’ here: from The McLaughlin Group in 1994:

4 responses to “RIP to good old Jack Germond

  1. Thanks, Moe. I hadn’t heard that he died. I liked him too.


  2. He was always a bit too Leftist for my personal tastes but, and this is a big but, he did his job pretty damn well all things being considered. It was a different time though and the MSM was still something close to being proper 4th Estate instead of the lamestream, Liberal propaganda machine that they turned into.

    One thing I’ll miss about his work is that he had the proper level of cynicism about the process of politics and elections in the US and could explain the realities of realpolitik in a manner that most people could understand and absorb.


  3. Germond, he needed to be cloned.


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