Good job . . . for a change

Just got to watch Obama’s press conference from this afternoon. I’ve watched a few of these and I think this was better than the others. With one exception, his answers were crisp and confident. I liked how he dealt with the gotcha type questions from the likes of Chuck Todd and Ed Henry; he didn’t take the bait. So pretty good.

3 responses to “Good job . . . for a change

  1. Yep, heard the press conference too and liked it. I especially like the blunt way in which he called the Republicans out for wanting to take away health care access for people. I have several people in my life who were rejected by health insurance companies before the reform and would love to hear what the alternative option for those people is if the reform gets repealed.


  2. I’m with Eurobrat. My sentiments exactly.


  3. Glad you two agree – so it wasn’t just me being in a kindly mood. He WAS good.


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