1956. Yikes. Plus, Friday.

3 responses to “1956. Yikes. Plus, Friday.

  1. My very first ‘in love’ song. And, boy, are those lyrics right on target! (However, the boy involved grew up to be someone I wouldn’t have been the least bit interested in.)


  2. Ah yes, 1956. I was 19 . . .

    “Oklahoma” and “Carousel” both hit the screens in CinemaScope.
    Norma Jean Mortenson changed her name.
    The Dow Jones Industrials closed above 500 for the first time.
    “My Fair Lady” opens on Broadway.
    The first practical and commercial videotape is demonstrated.
    Grace Kelly becomes a real princess.
    Elvis sings “Hound Dog” on the Ed Sullivan show. Girls go nuts.
    Ike authorizes the interstate highway system.
    Ike signs approval of “In God We Trust” as the national motto.
    The Hungarian revolution is squashed by the Red Army.
    The Suez crisis.
    Bob Barker debuts on TV with “Truth or Consequences”.
    Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks and Dwight Yoakam are born and Madam Curie dies.


    • Thanks Jim – I was 14 and remember everything in your list (except the Gibson, Hanks stuff).

      The Suez crisis was really the beginning for us of Middle East oil wars IN the Middle East.

      polio vaccine
      transatlantic phone cable
      IBM invents the hard disk
      (and Pete Billiard, my first boyfriend!)


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