mindless (adj.): having no intelligent purpose, meaning, or direction

(thanks to friend Ed for this)

9 responses to “mindless (adj.): having no intelligent purpose, meaning, or direction

  1. Damn, and I just bought a new vacuum cleaner …


  2. Some people really do have too much free time and she doesn’t look old enuff to be retired.


  3. maggieannthoeni

    Given that I just came up from spending 1.5 hrs in my dirt-floor basement installing an insulation jacket on my hw heater … which had lost all its insulation due to a packrat’s fondness for same … which all came about due to a story far too long, with too many ‘branches’ to relate here …; and given that I *am* retired by nearly a decade, …it’s probably best that I withhold comment. I will say however, I do wonder – is anyone running a blog that exclusively features obliviousness to resource use as per high consumption lifestyles? Clips like this one would scarcely need elaboration! (Hard at same time not to be impressed with ‘kitty’s choice of interesting things to do.) 🙂


    • Hey Maggie Ann – I have a few fond memories of dirt basements, some involving furnaces – something you’re also proably altogher tooo familiar iwth. That said, there just can’t be enough cats on rhumbas to satisfy the masses. And I’m pretty amused as well! 😆


  4. Roomba, Mo, roomba. The cat and rhumba is an entirely different — but quite interesting — video. 🙂


  5. Whatever you call it, I want one!


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