Some things are not like other things

Using prostitutes. Check. Cheating on your wife. Check. Hitting on women employees. Check. Doing any of that while President. Yeah, check. Sexting pictures of your penis while calling yourself Carlos Danger. Huh?

One of these is not like the others.

Now, we know that boys will be boys – always have, always will. We almost bestow a sort of cultural acceptance on very bad behavior, especially when teh sex is involved.

Except when it’s icky. Really really icky.

19 responses to “Some things are not like other things

  1. Yeah. One of those screams, “I’m in serous need of therapy.”

    I have to say that I was stunned that his wife got up there with him…!


    • They always get up there with them and they always stand there quietly with almost the exact blank yet somehow resigned / stoic look on their faces.

      I’m not saying that I don’t understand it but I am saying that the only postulates I can come up with that provide understanding of it aren’t very flattering to the women in question or their views on the purposes for- and directions of the marriages.


      • jonolan, I’d say that with this marriage – no matter this week’s stoic wifely pose – is down down down. Methinks she’ll be moving on once things quiet down, i.e., once Weiner loses, after which he will, hopefully, disappear.


        • Probably, but that doesn’t in any way contradict or improve the very unflattering postulates that are the only one’s I can come up with for her doing her little stoic dance beside the Weiner.


          • Whatever your postulates (my, but you’re busy blaming HER for some kind of character flaw) she behaved in the traditional stand-by-your man way. They all do it. It’s a tired cliché.


            • Yes, I suppose I am – her and all the rest of them that perform that tired cliché. I just can’t come up with a “good” reason for them to do it, yet they all do. Therefor, there must be reasons that I wouldn’t consider “good” for them doing so.


              • Or some reason you haven’t thought of. Part of it might just be shock – and not having yet processed it all. The ‘gaze’ perhaps could be described as ‘deer in the headlights’. Not sure quite where to turn at the moment.

                The exception of course – Hillary. Always knows what she’s doing.


  2. But those messages —-! Even more shocking. And icky. And disgusting.


  3. I can’t get over the Carlos Danger thing. I think that might be the worst username I have ever heard. It is so cliche.


  4. Yawn. This is not, of course, our first peek into Anthony Weiner’s dirty mind. The new flood of messages is potentially relevant to Weiner’s mayoral campaign for one reason: The Dirty alleges that these conversations occurred after Weinergate first broke in June of 2011, meaning that Weiner’s initial public apology to everyone he “misled” by his actions was yet another cover-up for his continued sexting of the American people. The conversations are undated, but in one message to the woman, he alluded to the scandal: “Sadly my pics are out there to look at. Have you ever?” She had, and she was “quite impressed.” If the messages are really dated post-Weinergate, they call Weiner’s current bid for New York City’s trust into question.


  5. The creepiest thing to me is having your wife stand there while you admit to sexual misdeeds at a press conference. Who does that to their wife ?

    Carlos Danger should do his family a favor, dye his eyebrows, change his name to Phil Shiffly, and attend the funeral.of his public career.


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