Friday night oldie

Been swamped this week, had very little time to spend here. I don’t like that! Clearing up soon. But meanwhile, lest Ed get the vapors because I forgot again, here’s the oldie. (Sister Marion Joseph really didn’t like this one; she had to bustle about the dance floor insisting we ‘make room for  the Holy Ghost’.)

4 responses to “Friday night oldie

  1. Good pick, Moe. What a great voice. Unique. Caused me to look him up in Wikipedia, which I recommend to those so inclined. He’s that rare commodity, an American celebrity who tried, except for one brief slip, to keep his personal life personal.


    • Saw him when I was a teenager in an open air concert right in my hometown. I think it was the biggest thing to happen there in decades. Never forgot it either Jim. It was wonderful wonderfufl.


  2. Looks like my back butterfly garden. I have to take a pix and send it to you.


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