“and merriness passed among the tourists”

China has opened what is now the largest building in the world. It’s called the “New Century Global Center” and it has a beach. Honest.

The Center is practically an enclosed city. From The Guardian:

[It’s] . . .  an entire seaside resort, along with a 14-screen Imax cinema, Olympic-sized ice rink, two five-star hotels and its own Mediterranean shopping village – all wrapped with a vast ribbon of offices. Sprawling for 1.7m square metres, it could fit 20 Sydney Opera Houses beneath its glass roof.

They’re billing it as a business center and resort destination where – well, let’s hear it from them: “where recreation has become the core value of modern business concepts and business will become a way of life.”

This is a video tour of the place (The headline comes from the English language voice-over script – so very Chinese, so very “all your data are belong to us”.)

Don’t bother watching it all – the tour starts at 6:44.

5 responses to ““and merriness passed among the tourists”

  1. Soooo global warming is fixed then! Let’s build gigantic roofs and artificial landscapes. First cover a city, then a state.


  2. Interesting. Having discovered capitalism, the Chinese are having a fine old time of showing off for the elites, but they are setting themselves up for a whole lot of angst among the common people because poverty is still rife, especially in the countryside.


    • Too true Jim. I understand that now they’re trying really hard to force people off the land and into the new cities as a way to create ‘consumers’ and keep the economy growing.. But it’s not, it’s losing speed and I gather everyone is very worried about that.


  3. Though the words “world’s largest” usually bring to mind an image of a towering skyscraper, this project actually isn’t all that tall. But it’s certainly big.


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