Wisconsin won. Well, the godly gentlemens did anyway.

Calling Wendy! Calling Nina!

Governor Scott Walker put pen to paper yesterday and proudly inflicted mandatory trans-vaginal ultrasounds upon Wisconsin ladies because that’ll get the women’s vote fer-sure!


8 responses to “Wisconsin won. Well, the godly gentlemens did anyway.

  1. From the time they’re little boys males are obsessed with sticking things into women’s vaginas. They they become legislators and make the fantasy law. Just imagine the wet dreams tonight.


  2. Don’t Look……

    This gut is being mentioned for a GOP Presidential run in 2016


  3. I can relate, Moe, having for many years had the similitude of an annual prostate exam.


  4. Wisconsin’s current law already requires women to undergo a counseling session with their doctor 24 hours before having an abortion, under the false pretense that the women who seek to terminate a pregnancy must not be confident about their decision. Doctors already provide those women with information about ultrasound services . But under the new forced ultrasound measure, women would be forced to undergo an ultrasound — and potentially a transvaginal probe, depending on how far along in her pregnancy she is — without her consent.


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