Something new is in the air. My sisters are waking up.

Here’s what’s new. Wendy Davis and Nina Turner. And many many other women, young women, around the country using an entirely different vocabulary and saying back off fellas, hands off.  This is a different conversation. It’s a different fight. It’s not about abortion this time. . .  it’s not about fetuses. It’s about them. Always was.

Here’s what’s old. Ohio. Texas. North Carolina. Mandatory vaginal probes. Forced ultrasound. Catholic Bishops. Religious right. Family Research Council. Todd Aiken. The American Taliban. Rep. Steve King. Louie Gomert!!!! Michele Bachmann. Personhood. Pat Robertson. Phyllis Schlafley. Pin-up boy Ralph Reed.

A little background? Try this. And this. And this.

Or just read a whole buncha posts about lady parts and the men who want, well, this is what  they want:

Available in other colors – as long as it’s black.

14 responses to “Something new is in the air. My sisters are waking up.

  1. Ah, the unfortunate whackjobs make it totally impossible for a male to give any feedback on abortion. Last time I checked it did require 50% involvement from the opposite sex. 😉


    • Ah, but T4T, teh sexy-sex-sex is okay for men. Only the women need be shamed and punished.


      • Ah, but Moe, you havnt heard about dead beat dads(shame), or child support with limited access(punishment). Unfortunately it isn’t always as simple as it looks.


  2. Why are they so willing to write off so many blocks of voters; women, gays, Latinos, and more? Do they not know it’s the 21st century and their base is dying?


  3. Various strident harridans can try to make it about women, sex, and their cult of victimology but it’s not going to fly because it is about the babies that they want to murder and the abortion-loving elements in America have not one single argument that was, with a bit of word changes, used by the 18th and 19th century slavers. Whether people realize it consciously or not that fact resonates in their minds and makes the abortionists’ arguments largely futile in the wider societal context.


    • If men were told, OK dictated to, what happens to their bodies — and minds— they WOULD cry a different story. DON’T FOOL YOURSELF, IT IS ABOUT CONTROL!!!!


      • Sandy,

        You’re probably right about how my gender would behave in those circumstances. That doesn’t, however, make it about control because it ISN’T about your bodies; it’s about the bodies of people growing inside you.

        Now, if you want to talk about the conflation of most forms of contraception and abortion, I’ll give you an answer you’ll like more as I draw a bright line between preventing life and killing it.


        • ” it ISN’T about your bodies; it’s about the bodies of people growing inside you.”

          Invasion of the Body Snatchers? That comment doesn’t fly jonolan. If there is something growing inside me, then that is by definition about my body.


      • @Sandy

        That actually happens every time someone(usually male) agrees to enlist in the military. Interesting thing is, lets say the sperm donor doesnt want the child but the egg donor does, guess who will also have the state requiring that they pay support for the next 18 to 20yrs.


        • Well, men have always been held to a higher standard of responsibility and accountability than women have, T4T. That’s the dark, not-to-mentioned side of sexism and the one that the Feminists demand remain in place…except when the results of doing so impact their personal results.


    • Harridians, cult, victimology . . . wrong, wrong, and wrong.


  4. @jonolan

    Yep, in some instances that is very true. But, what do I know. Afterall, Im just a white, heterosexual(at least on paper) male who reeks of privilege. or something like that. 😉


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