On the Fourth of July . . .

. . .  I choose to celebrate the continuity of our government. We’ve managed it for  237 years. That’s an achievement and a testament to the brilliance of our constitution and our continuing respect for it. So good for us. Herbunk created this a few years ago and he just reposted for 2013. Also, it may be the best morph ever.

6 responses to “On the Fourth of July . . .

  1. It’s actually more of a indictment of our society’s general ignorance of- and indifference to our constitution and the founding principles of America for those are the reasons, along with people being too comfortable in the material trappings, why the government has continued in an unbroken chain this long – well, except for the secession of several states that was put down through tyrannical force.


    • So you’re saying our problem is that we’re not refreshing ourselves with a little blood every generation or so? Suppose we did and that kept us true to the founding principles and the cost was a couple million people having to to die every few decades. . . . is that what you mean jonolan? What would be the point at all then?


      • If you want to use Reductio ad absurdum, then, certainly, that is, if one takes it to the extreme, exactly what I’m saying. More likely though and less costly in terms of lives would be insurrections similar to the Arab Spring or a few more assassinations…but Americans won’t even go that far, being too complacent and comfortable in their apathy to even bother to vote regularly.

        Sadly, we buffed and polished the sharp edges off of our love of liberty over the years.


        • A few more assassinations . . . good because not so many die. Yeah, that’ll work out well. If we’ve forfeited liberty I’d say we gave it up to consumerism and technology.


          • Bread and Circus, Moe. As it was it shall it be. But know the politicians and their bureaucrats know this and use it with impunity.


            • Of that I have no doubt, except to amend slightly – it’s not the politicians and bureaucrats; it’s the politicians and their corporate stateless overlords. It’s money and power that work to keep the ‘masses’ distracted . . .


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