Taking the silly to new heights

A revealing moment in an exchange on Charlie Rose last night. His guests were the Editor and primary reporter from the Guardian there to talk about Snowden and the NSA leaks. At one point, Rose asked the reporter “so do you just call Snowden when you need to ask questions?”. She looked at him as though he were not wearing pants and replied “Um, we just text.” A telling moment.

Then this morning, I saw this:

The Army admitted Thursday to not only restricting access to The Guardian news website at the Presidio of Monterey, as reported in Thursday’s Herald, but Armywide.

Presidio employees said the site had been blocked since The Guardian broke stories on data collection by the National Security Agency

Same thing.

4 responses to “Taking the silly to new heights

  1. Wow, Moe, this is absolutely un-fu**ing-believable.

    Hate to say it but this fits into my long-time impression of what the Army is like, not that the Navy can act stupidly from time to time too. They wouldn’t restrict free speech in the public but they would cover their own soldiers ears from what the rest of the world can see. Oh my. Yes, now I know what this reminds me of: the “Cone of Silence” from the old comedy series, Get Smart. Here’s the description from its Wiki page:

    Whenever Maxwell Smart (“Agent 86”) wants to speak to his boss (“Chief”) about a top secret matter, “86” would insist on using the comically defective technology despite being reminded that it never works. The Chief, usually with annoyed skepticism, would press a switch, causing the device to descend from above his desk, surrounding the heads of the two would-be conversers. The awkwardly impractical device appears to be constructed of clear plastic in the shape of a large oblong box with two interconnected inverted bowls on top.

    Part of the humor is in the irony that Agent 86 and Chief cannot hear each other clearly, while bystanders outside the Cone of Silence can hear everything they say as well as speak to them. Sometimes the bystander would even act as a relay so that Chief and “86” inside the device could communicate. Often at the end of the labored conversation, Chief would become terribly frustrated and upset as it quickly becomes clear that the Cone of Silence is (as expected) worse than useless. In one episode, when Smart was questioned as to why he insisted on using the Cone, he responded that it was 20 degrees cooler inside.

    I have a feeling the White House will be mortified when they learn of this. Picture yourself in the Oval Office learning of it. OMG. Where do I start with these people?


    • Jim,, that’s the absolutely PERFECT analogy. Especially the part about they can’t hear each other very well, but “outside the cone” (of silence), everyone else can! Perfect. 😆


  2. Ah yes, stupid is as stupid does. Man there is a whole lotta stupid in this world. Pass me a beer while we sit back and watch the entertainment. 😉


    • Kinda reminds me of parents covering the kids ears when someone says a bad word. That’ll do it, eh?

      Here’s your figurative beer T4T.. . enjoy!


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