So, did you ever do this? (Of course you did.)

I just found  this roasting pan (absolutely eligible for a middle school chemistry project) in my oven, where I seem to have stashed it two weeks ago. The counter was crowded and I was preparing dinner.

Bet you’ve done that, haven’t you. Come on . . .



10 responses to “So, did you ever do this? (Of course you did.)

  1. That’s where I store mine intentionally. I do try to wash it first.


  2. I’m afraid to ask — what was in the roasting pan?


  3. Don’t tell me….

    I’m scared!

    He, he, he


  4. 😆 I once put the roasting pan from Christmas’ goose out in the back courtyard before dinner so as to get it out of the way. Except I forgot about it; it snowed non-stop for a couple of months; and I didn’t see it again until spring.


  5. I have never done that but then you knew that, didn’t you.


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