No surprise here . . .

Granted there was major competing news over the last few days, but I’ll go out on a limb and say this chart would look exactly the same in a slow news week.


8 responses to “No surprise here . . .

  1. There is so much angst in this country over the horrible, simply horrible debt we are going to leave to the precious chidrens and grandchidrens, but nobody seems to give a flying F**K about what these little darlings are going to drink or breath, or that water front property will extend all the way to freakin’ Kansas.


    • But JR, there’s money to be made in fossil fuels, so much lovely money . . .

      And nobody gives a flying f*ck (I typed more letters than you did!!) either that those chilluns will be uneducated because who can afford college especially when our congress critters just raised the interest on student loans to 6%. Sounds like they’re actually trying to suppress education.

      So it’s a lovely combo – ignore tomorrow’s problems and put a stop to preparing the generation that will be tasked with solving htose problems. Win win.


  2. Given that: Global Warming, as it has been touted, has been debunked by ALL the available neutral and, even, pro-Warming evidence; and that Obama can do very little about anything except talk about it, what’s the point of covering his speech extensively?

    And, JR – Drink and Breath? Neither thing is even considered in the Warmists’ agenda. Air quality has devolved to CO2, which might not even be the prime culprit, and they’ve thrown potable water under the bus in their war against working, affordable fuel sources.


    • I’ll disagree entirely with your claim of ‘debunking’ jonolan. The global temperature – especially of the oceans – tells the story. Over the last ffew months, headlines screamed “but it’s cooling” as though 15 or 20 years told the story. This is from an April story in the Christian Science Monitor:

      “A reconstruction of 2,000 years of global temperatures shows that a long-term decline in Earth’s temperatures ended abruptly about 1900, replaced by a warming trend that has continued despite the persistence into the 20th century of the factors driving the cooling, according to a new study

      “Indeed, for several continents, the increase in global average temperatures from the 19th century to the 20th was the highest century-to-century increase during the 2,000-year span, the study indicates. It’s the first study to attempt building a millennial-scale climate history, continent by continent.”

      I will however agree with you about water being as big a future problem for the world. I think you’re saying the ‘warmists’ ignore that. You assume a monolithic ‘side’ to the argument. There isn’t. Countless books and articles are written on the subject. The looming crisis in potable water is ignored in corporate media though. And the prime culprits are development (ill-advised sort) and agribusiness.


      • What I meant was that ALL the models and predictions made by Warmists from the IPCC on down were wrong. Warming stopped when it shouldn’t have. That’s what I meant by “as touted.”


        • Ahhh,, even so we can’t possible say warming ‘stopped’ as though that’s the end of the story. I remember how in the 90’s after Mount Pinatubo erupted (huge one) warming ‘stopped’ for a few years. But then it started right back up..Here’s a 2011 chart of global temps (1880-2011) from NASA – I don’t see a cooling trend. Do you?

          The story is here:


          • True, we shouldn’t do that; it’s far too soon to write it all off wholesale. That doesn’t change the fact that the consensus-approved predictions were wrong and that meant Obama’s speech had less meaning to most.


            • People still aren’t paying much attention to the issue, which I find kind of remarkable.. It’s not like it’s new. . . even Gore’s first book on the environment, written while he was running for VP and published in 1992, came decades after the warnings were first sounded.

              I haven’t listened to Obama’s speech yet but I’ve heard it called very important. Must do that this weekend.


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