Looks like today is ‘Posting-a-bunch-of-pictures-and-graphs-day’

Like this one via cousin Liz (family day too?) – this is from her Facebook page where she says “Now it’s all coming together . . . “. So much for “Representatives’ being representative.

congress wealth

7 responses to “Looks like today is ‘Posting-a-bunch-of-pictures-and-graphs-day’

  1. And here I thought our Congress critters were serving corporate interests, but they weren’t–they were serving their own 😯


  2. A better graph would be the gap between the wealth of the newbie critter and where they are now. The only public service bipartisanship.


  3. Lest we condemn all who serve in Congress, there are a few to admire. I saw where Congresswoman Tammy Duck worth laid into a Contractor who seems to have figured a way onto the gravy train. This guy used his —- disability status to get Gov. contracts and the Congresswoman in a hearing really mauled him.

    So there are a few who look out for the public purse.


    • I saw the video too Alan and it was absolutely delicious. How that guy could look her in the eye without getting on his knees and begging her forgiveness . . . it was a fine civic moment.


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