Two (and a half) out of three ain’t bad

I think I did pretty well with my SCOTUS predictions, which means everyone must “bow to my majesty” (much preferable to being “mocked without mercy”).

  • DOMA – The Supremes knock it down as unconstitutional.  NAILED IT!
  • California Prop 8 – Unconstitutional. NAILED IT! (Sheepish Update: Turns out this one is limited to CA and is based on standing. So maybe only half for me here. Can I count the two ‘halfs’ as ‘one’. I say yes. So still Two Out of Three. So there.)
  • Affirmative Action – limited decision, but basically will say the program has – in some instances – run its course. They side for the Plaintiff. ALMOST HALF RIGHT? They held back for sure by sending it back and hinted at future favorable rulings if a Plaintiff has ‘standing’.

(Here’s something from back when this lad had a voice, a beautiful one):

7 responses to “Two (and a half) out of three ain’t bad

  1. We are doomed. It’s the end of life as we know it. I doubt the sun will rise tomorrow.


    • We are safe from all this doom stuff if we just stay in Florida or another of the 37 states that don’t recognize or allow same sex marriage. It seems the court decision extends federal benefits ONLY to married couples residing in states that recognize their marriage. Kinda rains on our parade.


  2. I don’t know where we are any more. Three steps forward and 2 steps back.


    • Well Woodstock, on this one – gay marriage – it’s all in the right direction. They can weep and wail all they want, but this train ain’t turning back. Rick Santorum tweeted that “Jesus wept” and someone else tweeted back “Jesus always cries at weddings”. Funny!


  3. I’m happy to bow to your majesty, Moe 🙂 I’m quite thrilled with today’s rulings.


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