He did ask me to walk with him but I had to wash my hair . . . .

Skywalker Nik Wallenda crossed the Grand Canyon yesterday on a highwire, a big deal that was broadcast on Discovery Channel and seen around the world. He’s a local lad and does that highwire thing  around here quite a lot. In his walk across the Canyon, he was tense and prayed aloud every step of the way. If you watched it, watch this video for contrast. In spite of a high wind, he’s completely relaxed all the way and nary a mention of ‘Jesus’. (He called upon ‘his Lord’ throughout yesterday’s event; cynics like me couldn’t help but wonder how it would be received by Evangelical America if the good man didn’t make it.)

By the way, I think this camera work – in spite of its single perspective (looks like the camera is mounted on his balance pole) – is superior in many ways to what I saw on the Discovery Channel. Anyway, Nik:


11 responses to “He did ask me to walk with him but I had to wash my hair . . . .

  1. “Now I lay me down…Oh Lord, holy shit what was I thinking…holy shit Lord, what the f**k was I thinking…? Please, please, please send out that F-ing basket, and some t.p.”


    On another note: “He did ask me to walk with him but I had to wash my hair . . . .” was that quote from you or the Lord?

    Idle minds need to know stuff.


  2. You didn’t accept the invite…really? 😉 And how does he know the Lord supports something this crazy?


    • He knows because he knows . . . always knocks me out when, after a small child dies a horrible death, Christians say their god has a purpose in everything. Or my favorite, god works in mysterious ways.

      Mysterious for sure . . .


  3. What I want to know is, how does this work as a job — to feed his family, to buy the equipment etc. I guess he sold this one to Discovery Channel, but in general…. Certainly no company in its right mind would sponsor him.


    • Do you remember Pat how last year he did Niagara Falls? That was NBC. The audiences are huge – I will assume, because we are base creatures at heart, that many people tune in to watch him fall.

      He says he’s going back to Puerto Rico to perform the stunt that killed his great-grandfather. Spitting in the eye of fate or something.


  4. I think the Lord for more sensible hobbies, and for the good sense not to have taken up something like that. On the other hand, I suppose we’ve always had daredevils and thrill-seekers. They do seem to draw a crowd.


  5. Nik says his faith is important to him but I think he is vocalizing it more these days in an effort to sell his newly released autobiography which plays heavily on this faith. What happened to the good ol’ days when one’s faith (or lack thereof) was a personal thing, not fodder for the public. And we were always told that two subjects one didn’t discuss were politics and religion. Ah, the good ol’ days.


    • Oh sted, faith went public (especially as part of politics) 50-ish years ago (remember the “Moral Majority’). And damn, but it’s been working pretty well for the GOP.


    • Let me add I didn’t know about the book . . . if I’d known when I watched I might have heard it very very differently.


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