This kind of nonsense can break up families

Oh the ugly . . . anger spreads today across the land because the First Family spent lottsa taxpayer money staying in Ireland. And the First Lady is bad. Bad, bad, bad . . . here are the first six comments from a post at something called reagancoalition.* (The story began at the Moonie-owned, barely subscribed financial failure The Washington Times, and then went to Newsmax where this coalition-of-racists picked it up.)

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So she’s a low class n—ger with a big black butt whose kids hate her. Obviously. But it’s sooo classy to make fun of the kids (later comments savage them). I remember Limbaugh going after then 12 year old Chelsea Clinton and making fun of her looks. That was classy too.

An aside: the Obamas made a State visit the UK in ’10; Bush did the same in ’03. In 2011, the BBC compared costs and other aspects of the visits.  It’s here and is very interesting. Note that Bush brought 700 people with him; Obama brought 500. Pretty much this is what happens when a President of the United States goes calling.

*(Stipulated: 1) this looks like a wing site, and 2) I remember the Bush/monkey stuff but he was the president and she isn’t.)


I gave the original of this picture of my great grandfather to that cousin. It’s a precious one as he is reading the very first edition of The Saturday Evening Post, in 1887.

Anyway, the story that occasions this post popped up on my timeline on Facebook as a ‘share’ from a second cousin. When I first went onto Facebook, I was delighted to find relatives I hadn’t communicated with in decades and we began some lovely getting re-acquainted dialogue. I even joined this cousin’s sister in a genealogy project which we conducted via email. It was a great deal of fun and very rewarding. She was deeply interested in family history – unlike my own nieces and nephews – so I sent her many heirlooms from my own great-grandparents, grandparents etc; it was mostly original photos, letters, even some wedding veils . . . it was a wonderful year or two for both of us.

Until last year. That’s when I began streaming this blog onto my facebook page. The communications died, emails were only answered in the most cursory way and eventually not at all. I had all along been quite familiar with these women’s politics and knew we were very different that way. But that wasn’t the sort of thing what we talked about, so it didn’t matter. Or so I thought.

I’ve not unfriended either of them and never will, but it’s a loss.

17 responses to “This kind of nonsense can break up families

  1. One thing you should look at is the difference in the sizes and expense of the Obamas’ entourages on these trips vs. the Bush’s. That might go some distance in explaining some of the outrage…unless you’re just more comfortable race-baiting like most Dems.

    Another thing to look at would be the number and expense of Michelle’s vacations – hers, not her husbands – vs. recent FLOTUS’s

    And finally, when you’re busy whipping up the class envy, yelling about what harm the Sequester is causing, and generally going all lower echelon populist in rhetoric, it’s pretty damn hypocritical to playing the jet-setter and behaving as the Obama’s do.

    That all being said, I can’t see any real justification for “savaging” the children over it. The blood of the enemy is also the enemy but those two girls are not in any position of authority AND there’s no indications that such attacks upon them would sway their parents’ behavior. It’s just needless cruelty.


  2. It’s funny that there have been times in my life when I’ve wished that my a** wasn’t so small and flat. I don’t think these commentators realize that having some junk in the trunk is sexy 🙂

    As far as your relatives, sorry to hear. I’ve gotten into some fun debates with conservative co-workers/neighbors, but our relationships have remained good. That’s something I very much appreciate about Americans–politics usually doesn’t get in the way of personal relationships. *Usually*.


    • I understand your point brat – we do manage to keep things chugging along through partisan times. And there have probably been worse ones in our history. But in my own life, this period stands apart. I have a brother who is deeply conservative and we used to really enjoy a good rousing political argument. Then 20 years ago came Rush Limbaugh and after him the whole right wing noise machine, decrying liberals as the enemy of the state – loudly, every day, over and over and over. And now, my brother and I aren’t able to even mention anything political in each others company. They changed him. Another loss. I miss those arguments.


      • I do see that the rhetoric is being ratcheted up more than before, and the concept of a civil war is brought up more often. It is certainly worrisome, especially when I think of the role violent radio rhetoric played in a place like Rwanda, for example.


  3. The Race thing will always be there….
    Knuckleheads know no better….
    They will have to adjust to the demographics of the country in the future….
    When ANY President leaves the White House ….
    It cost serious money…

    The WHY of the cost of President’s traveling…..


    • james, my sister and law and I were watching the NBA finals last night and she commented on the commercials – she said that if the GOP wants to know what’s really happening in the country, all they need do is look at the ads. Madison Avenue knows very well who their market is and the actors they use in the ads are a veritable explosion of colors and nationalities. The audience at the game too!

      And what a great post with the details of what happens when a POTUS goes visiting.


  4. Ms. Holland,
    I guess I missed something. When did calling a woman’s butt big become a racist remark? Or was there some other term in the dialog that I failed to see?


    • Higher and visible buttocks are often a racial characteristic of black women. The comments in that thread were not about a woman with a big butt, they were about the fact that FLOTUS has a ‘black’ butt. I’m sure you don’t see that Alan, but it’s out there all the time and meant as a racial slur.


      • While some people likely got nasty farther down the comments, what you posted had no racial component. You’all need to get over the crap about “historical context” as all it’s used for these is to claim that some simple statements of fact or opinion, devoid of racial meaning, are to be outlawed due to the fact the one race in particular is known for those characteristics and that race wasn’t well-liked by Americans in general.

        Michelle has a big butt objectively though not a big or particularly well-shaped one for Black woman. In point of fact, she’s got herself a big White butt as its shape lacks the highness and roundness normally found in Blacks.

        Now, outside of the context of her war on food, I can’t see where that’s pertinent to anything outside of her home but I also can’t see where it can be truthfully racist to mention it.

        How about this one, though my fellow Whites likely won’t really get it: At least she’s got “good hair.”


  5. Ms .Holland,

    Having spent a little time in bowling alleys and bars, I will tell you that people making snide comments about white girls with larger than average behinds is very common. And lest you think that this cannot apply to First Ladies with out being racist, let me point out that your girl Hilary Clinton was made fun of in this manner, a lot. They even did it on South Park.

    My point is, that charging Obama detractors with racism has become nothing more than a tactic.


    • Alan, there is a difference and an important one – we have a tragic history in this country with racism, and throughout that history the demeaning of an entire race was all too often based on appearance and those racial characteristics – things like lips, hair, and yes, butts, not to mention color of course. We’ve come a long way since the 1960’s. There is certainly less racism, a great deal less. But it survives, always will and not just here in the US.

      I will agree that we see people throw out charges of racism where there is none – and it weakens the case when it is real. It becomes the boy who cried wolf too often.

      I should have posted more of that thread – reading down it got uglier and uglier. I just grabbed the top part. And yes, Alan, I see racism in this instance.


  6. The main function of a White House press secretary is to distribute information for the administration, which often requires answering difficult questions. Apparently, no one knows this better than Jay Carney, the current spokesman for President Obama. According to a study by Yahoo News — which is by no means a conservative outlet — Carney has dodged answering reporters’ questions 9,486 times in the 444 briefings he’s held since his first press conference on Feb. 16, 2011, by using 13 different methods, ranging from saying “I don’t have the answer … ” 1,905 times to “The president won’t tell me … ” on 117 occasions.


  7. They shut down the application — which included choices like “yes,” “maybe,” and “if he cuts my health care” — removed the poll, and went searching for it’s user. Their “man” hunt turned up a surprise, though: The poll creator was a child .


  8. So she’s a low class n—ger with a big black butt whose kids hate her. Obviously. But it’s sooo classy to make fun of the kids (later comments savage them). I remember Limbaugh going after then 12 year old Chelsea Clinton and making fun of her looks. That was classy too.


  9. So she’s a low class n—ger with a big black butt whose kids hate her. Obviously. But it’s sooo classy to make fun of the kids (later comments savage them). I remember Limbaugh going after then 12 year old Chelsea Clinton and making fun of her looks. That was classy too.


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