What will The Nine sayeth?

As those who give a damn wait for the Supreme Court to wrap up this session and announce their final decisions, I dare to repost my own predictions. Know that I bravely put these out here so that you may bow to my majesty if I’m right, or mock me without mercy if I’m wrong.

  • DOMA – The Supremes knock it down as unconstitutional
  • California Prop 8 – unconstitutional
  • Affirmative Action – limited decision, but basically will say the program has – in some instances – run its course. They side for the Plaintiff.

8 responses to “What will The Nine sayeth?

  1. I’m not sure that I agree with your predictions, but I hope you’re right about the first two, so there will be no mocking on my part if you are wrong, just sadness.

    I should add that you were right about the healthcare ruling and I was wrong, so I’m probably just the eternal pessimist over here.


  2. I too hope you’re right on the first two.


  3. My predictions :

    DOMA will be overturned but only because it doesn’t have a severability clause and the SCOTUS majority (5:4) opinion will be carefully restricted to the states’ rights to ignore marriages in other states.

    Prop 8 will be upheld (5:4) but the decision will be based upon the fact that under California law there is no legal difference whatsoever between civil unions and marriage.

    Affirmative Access won’t be really addressed although the ruling will be for the Plaintiff. The majority opinion will be written narrowly and solely focus on the specifics of the case.


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