I like this picture


It’s an illustration of one thing that we’re still doing right – this picture reminds me that for two and a quarter centuries we’ve managed a peaceful transfer of power every few years. That counts for something.

16 responses to “I like this picture

  1. Yeah, lecture us about stealing elections when you guys disenfranchised the entire states of Michigan and Florida during the primaries. Will we steal the election, no? Will we win it? Quite likely.


  2. Well said. Think back at the peaceful transition of Nixon to Ford!


  3. Point well taken, Moe, but given the recent political history, the picture gives me cognitive dissonance. I’d love to hear what the shared joke was. Shall we speculate? I’ll start.

    ” . . . and so after they agreed to buy all 150 fighter jets, we sold them the extended warranty too!”


  4. Welcome back. We missed you.


  5. Honestly, I’m totally sure if that’s a good thing, Moe. Nor am I, by any stretch of the imagination, sure it’s a bad thing. It is without a doubt an unusual thing though and one to seriously look at.


    • jonolan, I think ‘unusual’ is the heart of it. Warts and all, civic stability is rare for that long a period of time. (well, except for that little unpleasantness mi-19th century thing).


  6. Bill Clinton looks skinny!


  7. The caption: ‘ Man if the voters only knew, we’d all be hung.’ Can’t tell if their lapel pins match, but both Harvard dudes have good taste in ties.


  8. Today, the states and the District of Columbia each conduct their own popular elections on Election Day to help determine their respective slate of electors. Thus, the presidential election is really an amalgamation of separate and simultaneous state elections instead of a single national election run by the federal government.


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