If I may . . .

One of the grand-snugglies in my family was just presented with a baby sister. I’m melting . . .

lucas and lyra

14 responses to “If I may . . .

  1. How perfect! Gorgeous!


  2. Life’s great!




  3. Danny’s son is “the spittin’ image”. Great picture.


  4. Congratulations! What a beautiful pair.


    • And someday when they’re teenagers hating each other, we’ll run this one by them . . . .


      • My big brother was just 3 years older than me. He was my hero, he always played with me and watched over me. He never hurt me intentionally. He was my hero. May these two be as good to each other.


        • Well you came out pretty well kiddo . . . little Lucas’ dad was a wonderful big brother to his own sister, so I think they’ll be just fine. Just like you and your brother.


  5. As the grandmother and Moe’s sister=in=law, these two are tops! They groove on each other!


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