Terry Schiavo redux!

Here is today’s outrage – from the Washington Examiner:


According to some of the usual noisemakers on the right, a Cabinet Secretary is the appropriate person to make decisions about who gets organ transplants and who doesn’t.

If the regulation in question were waived, 20 more children (including three at the same hospital) would be added to the regular ‘adult’ lung waiting list, which currently has 1600 people on it. So for this kid to get the lung, a political appointee would have to put her at the front of the list based on – what? Because it would be caring? Thoughtful? Because of a mother’s grief?

2 responses to “Terry Schiavo redux!

  1. Read more, Moe. Sebelius stepped in it big time with her choice of rationales. She claimed that such decisions shouldn’t be political, but decided by medical professionals…yet the girl’s doctor’s say that she’s a prime candidate for an adult lung despite being under 12, which was the arbitrary age cut-off enacted by the 2004 law in question.

    Besides, Moe, isn’t “caring” and a “mother’s grief” or potential grief the titular basis for a lot of laws demanded and/or enacted by you Liberals? 😆

    As for the list itself – she’d be at the top of the 1600 solely due to her current condition. The list’s primary sort criteria is immediacy of need.

    All that being said, I’m ambivalent about the whole situation as I could easily argue either side of the issue and have mixed feelings in the first place about a government controlled organ waiting list system.


    • Personal situations are indeed often the germ of group actions, but not at the moment. We cannot, cannot, have a Federal government changing the rules for individuals. There lies chaos. Sebelius was right. (although I don’t know what fuck that woman was thinking when it came to the morning after pill!)


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