Lifted – in its entirety – from Krugman’s blog

Transport Madness

Oh, boy — this is truly amazing. I guess I’m not surprised that the WSJ doesn’t like the idea of providing New York with a European-style system of rental bikes. But accusing Bloomberg and company of being “totalitarians” for the vicious crime of … making bright blue bikes available to tourists … seems like it has to be parody.

On the other hand, let’s not forget George Will’s explanation of why liberals like mass transit:

the real reason for progressives’ passion for trains is their goal of diminishing Americans’ individualism in order to make them more amenable to collectivism.

Something about transportation seems to bring out the crazy in these people.

(The post, comments and all, is here.)

12 responses to “Lifted – in its entirety – from Krugman’s blog

  1. In this case it’s very much not transportation bringing out the crazies. It’s the horrible 3 B’s: Bloomberg, Bicycles, and the Big Apple.

    Bloomberg’s already had 100s of miles of bike lanes put in without any real resident input at all and it’s been something akin to a nightmare for many people because the bike lanes have messed up traffic and parking across the City.

    …And that’s not even taking into account that the quality of bicyclists we seem to get in NYC are very much sub-par and a clear and present danger to themselves and, much more importantly, to everyone else around them. In NYC approximately 500 pedestrians are hospitalized each year due to be hit by bicycles.


    • The truth is that bicyclists everywhere are of poor quality. We are besieged by them here every Spring and Summer and Fall. And while we have a lot of car traffic due to the deluge of tourists, I doubt it stacks up against the auto madness in the confines of Manhattan.


    • jonolan, I’d say municipal government has a responsibility to look ahead and anticpate problems – NYC knows very well that the road system is outgrowing the vehicle traffic which increases regularly. Thus the tolls on inbound traffic, the multi passenger lanes, the new subway construction . . . it’s all part of a piece. These rental bike stations are common in major cities all over the world – tourists are starting to expect them. Our county commission down here in SW FL is looking at it – we get lots of European tourists who would like that option.

      Crazy messenger bikes are a problem whether the rentals take off or not. They’re on the clock.


      • Moe, nothing you just wrote is wrong. That doesn’t change the fact that Bloomberg pissed a bunch of New Yorkers off by doing as he did with bikes w/o allowing for any real resident input. That set things up so that ANYTHING involving him and bikes now is only a hair’s breadth away from crazy times from the get-go.

        As for the citi-bikes themselves, I’ve seen a things like this before in so many cities that it just doesn’t bother me in the least. I find it neither a good idea nor a bad one overall.


        • When doesn’t a mayor of a huge city NOT piss off a bunch of people? I’m familiar with the local opposition – there’s some here as well – but arc of history and all that.


  2. Methinks the Reps doth protest too much in the matter of who would lead us to a so-called collectivist society. The Republicans consistently seek to stifle dissent, to force religion-based views on everyone, to demand that their members march in lockstep to orders from the top. Hardly the actions of a party dedicated to individuality or individualism.


    • It’s remarkable, isn’t it Ric. Not just that they are always poking into our bedrooms and bodies, but for some reason they still get away with that war cry that gov’t is too intrusive and they get to blame it on liberals. Weird.


  3. Excited to hear that biking is becoming more encouraged/common in NYC. We have lots of bikers and bike lanes here in PDX, and it works out well most of the time. Some bikers can be annoying and inconsiderate, but in every group of people you will get annoying and inconsiderate ones.

    (Also very good light rail system here. It would definitely make me look carefully at any other city if I was considering moving.)


    • I hear a lot of older folks are moving back to cities with good transit. They know that someday they may have to stop driving and without that suburban living is hell.


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