Too bad there wasn’t a good guy with a gun around to keep this bad thing from happening


Once we get all the school teachers armed and trained, we’ll surely find some money to fix stuff like this. But first things first.

7 responses to “Too bad there wasn’t a good guy with a gun around to keep this bad thing from happening

  1. Maybe schools should go for the Mutually Assured Destruction option and have a self-destruct system installed. The principal could have a big red button on their desk, if a gun man approaches the school… just blow the whole place to kingdom come. That’ll deter the psychotically disturbed person who would most probably shoot themselves anyway.


    • Excellent wwt because it certainly makes every bit as much sense as putting guns into schools WITH the kids, because no young pranksters have ever ever ever in the history of mankind stolen stuff out of the principals’ office.


      • It also assumes all teachers are to be trusted with guns. I’ve seen a teacher assault a pupil in my school when she was pushed too far (I didn’t blame her actually) and there was a case here in Britain where a teacher beat a pupil half to death for making fun of him. Who’s to say if they were packing heat they wouldn’t have used it.It can be a really stressful job.


  2. You mean maybe they could have shot at the truck before it crashed into the bridge? 😉


  3. This is I-5 between Seattle and Portand.


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