Friday? That’s what they tell me, but . . .

. . . I’d swear it’s been Thursday all day. Every erroneous second, so far. Even as I now ‘fess up to having it wrong,  it still feels like Thursday, a day that I have always thought of as ‘brown’ and I do not know why. Now you know. And here’s the oldie – Bristol is in Connecticut, so this was a local favorite.

5 responses to “Friday? That’s what they tell me, but . . .

  1. Funny, but I found the audience in the clip as interesting as the vocal group. A neatly-attired group they are, men in suits or even tux’s, ladies in their LBD’s, no rug-rats or ankle-biters in sight. Even the Dovell’s are wearing suits, and those skinny little ties. My how times have changed. Is it better or worse?


    • Jim – I remember as a teenager having to ‘dress’ for almost anything that was outside our daily routine. Sometimes that included gloves and hats. I actually wore a girdle back then (mother insisted!), at the time in my life when I least needed something like that. We females also had to wear stockings with garters (not sexy, they were a real pain in the . . . , going to bed with metal curlers in our hair . . . I could go on. Better/worse? I bade a happy farewell to those things. Maybe what’s missing today is good grooming – casual is great, messy not so much. But given my druthers . . .


  2. I had completely forgotten; the very first rock ‘n’ roll record I ever bought was the Dovells’ You Can’t Sit Down.


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