Now it’s even more urgent that Trump get back into politics

This is a disaster for we vapid, shallow news junkies and consumers of utter nonsense. Aiken lost. Palin is gone (mostly, give it a few more months). Is it going to have to be all Louis Gomert all the time? Come back Donald, come back. Please.

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) announced early Wednesday that she would not seek a fifth term in Congress in 2014 but would keep fighting for the conservative principles that made her a favorite of the tea party movement and, she said, are vital to protecting the United States from moral and economic decline.

Because it’s so much easier to throw stones than waste time on all that problem solving stuff.

Some scandals be a-comin’ her way, so time is of the essence – there are riches out there, waiting to be scooped up before fame fades.

8 responses to “Now it’s even more urgent that Trump get back into politics

  1. Ha, ha, ha…….



  2. Shucks, even if the fame does fade she can always fall back on the family business offering cures for homosexuality. 🙄


  3. So the dilemma is.. one less crazy in congress, but a bit stronger gop. Is it then good news?


    • This time, I’m looking at it through my pop culture news junkie lens. Good? Who knows. Romney won that district by 15%, so it’s probably a safe GOP seat.

      Saw a comment recently saying that the crazies – Bachmann, Palin, West etc – were a first generation of tea party.. The next ones are a bit more serious – Cruz, Lee, Paul. We’ll see .


      • Ted Cruz is a crash and burner – fighting everyone. Rand Paul is blowing up his ego with very little resistance now, but let’s see how he fares when the heavy donors start leaning in against his libertarain views. And all these inconsistencies get hammered by the press. He’s out peddling nice and feel-good toughts, but not much more..


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