It’s been a while, but Maru is still doing his thing

On his sixth birthday comes this “Best of” Maru video. Highlights at :48, 1:18 and 2:50.

14 responses to “It’s been a while, but Maru is still doing his thing

  1. Damn, I know this is SOooo not politically correct but at least someone else has a retard cat like mine. 🙂


  2. I don’t get it. Why is this good/funny/whatever ? Other than s/he is a very pretty cat….


  3. What?! You didn’t pick up on the exceedingly adventuresome nature of Maru? Not one to lay around pondering his naval, Maru is up and about examining, exploring and tasting all his environment has to offer (which looks pretty stark, btw.) In addition to his athleticism, Maru is curious beyond average and has a great ability to entertain himself and others. I’m wondering if he isn’t a professionally trained cat. Who else but his trainers would have the camera on the floor ready to capture his moves into props which seem delibertly placed.


    • Hi Linda, welcome. Nice to hear from another Maru fan. By the way when I watch these vids I always notice how stark (and uniformly white) the environment is. I think it’s a home, Maru is a pet,, and they’re very very very good housekeepers!


  4. One of ours doesnt need props it seems more than content with shadows and its tail. The other two just stare at her and I imagine thinking “what the bleep is wrong with that animal” 😉


  5. Oh! OK. My cat, Ed Bell, did these things but I didn’t realize he was a genius and could have become a star…(but he came along before the internet age.) The cutest thing he did was that he liked to lean on his elbow — in the posture of people who like to drive with their elbows out the car window. Damn! Born too soon and missed his destined career! He once killed a coral snake too, which we all greatly appreciated.


  6. We named him after a business friend of my husband’s (who was not nearly so sleek and beautiful) because I heard (and then found) him, a tiny baby kitten yowling piteously, abandoned in the human EB’s factory yard. He was a magnificent cat — pardon me, if this is rude — with a strong streak of canine in his personality, perhaps the result of our three dogs bringing him up.


    • Ha! I get the canine part Pat – once had a fella named Caslon (I named him after a font, really) who was – I always beleived and do to this day – a dog in a cat’s body.


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