Wherein Rush ushers irony to the door . . . yet again

oliver northEveryone  is having their say about the IRS’ Lois Lerner who took the Fifth yesterday before a Congressional committee (just like that conservative icon Oliver North did). Here’s Fat Boy:

You have to be very careful in making judgments about people based on physical appearance, although I’ve gotten really good at it.

I guess we all see what we want to see when we look in the mirror. Anyway, I hear you Rush and I am being careful. I do think it through before I call anyone Fat Boy or “the morbidly-obese, four times married” . . . .  and after thinking it through, I feel I am morally entitled to toss schoolyard insults at you, because that’s what you do for a living. Good for the goose, good for the . . .

13 responses to “Wherein Rush ushers irony to the door . . . yet again

  1. It amazes me that Rush still makes money by pointing out the shortcomings of others when he is an obese, drug addict. Strange world.


  2. To his listeners Rush is a model physical and moral specimen.


  3. I truly try to avoid Rushbo, even commenting about him is a waste of my time and energy. … Nonetheless, you are being nice.


  4. What are you talking about? Unfortunately, compared to many Americans, Rush is a triathlete. 😉


  5. Ever suffer through Mark Levin? As bad as Limbaugh is, I think Levin beats him for sounding like a 10 year old (in the KKK).


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