Frackin’ good! (and better than fracking)

sunflowers2When I see this, I hear a page turning:

Walmart has been adding solar to scores of stores across the country . . . as it plans to become 100 percent renewably powered. . .  The company has aggressively been building out solar on its stores and other buildings.  It’s also been boosting its purchase of renewable energy both directly and indirectly. And it is doing so across the world.

“Walmart has 280 renewable energy projects in operation or under development, and continues to test solar, fuel cells, microwind, offsite wind projects, green power purchases and more,” the company said.

10 responses to “Frackin’ good! (and better than fracking)

  1. Moe,
    Coming from me, this will be surprising. I am glad WalMart is trying to go solar. We would love to put panels on our house, but funds are tight right now. We really wanted to put a wind turbine up, but the People’s Republic of Boulder (Colorado) thinks they are too ugly… Go figure.


    • I’m not a bit surprised Katrina . . .there are plenty things I agree with you on too! That ‘too ugly’ argument makes me crazy . . . I suppose a mountain that’s had its top “removed” (such a gentle term) or a river full of spilled oil is prettier?

      I saw a wind farm once – from a distance, yes – and thought it was one of the most graceful things I ever saw. That said, I do know there are problems with noise and birds and such,, but those problems are being solved very rapidly with every new generation of turbine.


  2. Promising news!!


  3. Brilliant company. Take over all the others and then make everyone think youre nice and environmentally friendly. Just Fracking brilliant. 😉


  4. This could work. Solar sucks for utility power generation but DOES have its uses for distributed / private power generation ( I use it myself in two separate forms…but I can afford to do so unlike most).


    • Whew, so it’s not a liberal plot. By the way, check out the March/April issue of Sierra. The whole issue is on wind. Lottsa info.


      • I never said it wasn’t a Liberal plot, Moe. I can’t say that because I don’t know at this time who’s profiting from it and what the Obama Regime’s financial involvement in it is. Nor can I, for the same reasons, say that it is such.

        What I can say with confidence is that solar and wind power DON’T work economically when used to replace large utility power generation plants but do work and work quite well in smaller scale operations. Sadly, 99% of people want to change our “fuel sources” but won’t even begin to consider changing our power generation paradigm.

        It makes it fairly hard to believe that their agenda is “green” instead of merely being anti-corporation / anti-energy companies.


  5. A good reason to move to Florida. I can have solar panels and provide my own electricity. Yeah!


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