I have to detox and it’s Wayne LaPierre’s fault

RockArtTeh stupid out there is wearing me down right now. The lure of this machine in my lap is in hiding or so faint I can’t even hear it.

Not surfing. Not bookmarking. Not posting (maybe some easy stuff). I will avert my eyes and hope for a refresh – I will define success as expelling (or at least containing) knee-jerk, reactive outrage that these days rises too quickly, too often and causes me to make rude noises.

BUT BUT BUT . . . in lighter news: Whatever Works will soon be handing out spare keys to two friends who’ve shown some interest in co-blogging.

They’re both male. They’re both actors. One is 18 and a bit bent and quite liberal. The other is 40, very bent, and very very conservative. Both are fun. And smart. And I like them a lot. And if we pull this off, I hope you do too.

(Hellooooo, Orhan . . . your key still works, if you want to, ya’ know . . . )

9 responses to “I have to detox and it’s Wayne LaPierre’s fault

  1. The only thing worse than Wayne L., IMHO, is Sarah P. 🙄


  2. -Right-wing whacko

    40!? Subtract ten percent 🙂


  3. I’m with you! I went ballistic this morning at a very young why do they insist on calling it “customer service” tech who insisted they needed the PAPER waiver before they could pick up my car to transport. “Didn’t you ever hear of cyberspace?” My fit had an effect. They accepted my email agreement. The tech couldn’t have been older than 23 from the sound of her voice. Does she even know what paper is?


  4. OK, OK, everybody who hasn’t seen it yet should watch this video:


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