Hey, it works for Vladimir Putin.

2 responses to “Hey, it works for Vladimir Putin.

  1. Wow! Again I’m no advocate of anything approaching gun confiscation.

    But that short video and the audiences over the top reaction to shows what bothers me most about people who advocate guns rights most enthusiastically.

    I’ll concede that weapons are a necessary evil. There are bad guys and they will find weapons, and they’ll use them. But I wish good guys would only take up weapons reluctantly, not with the kind of woop-woop enthusiasm you see here. Guns are lethal toys here.

    It’s disturbing.


    • That’s it exacyly bruce. I’m fine with people having guns too. But that crowd is putting out a ‘call to arms’. It’s ugly, using the time-tested fear that “they’re coming to get us!”


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