Street corner harmony for Friday (UPDATE: on Thursday)

This is obviously a tribute group, but back when the real thing was happening in the early 50’s on city streets, nobody was recording it. I think one of the movies about Motown had some re-enactments that were terrific. I can’t find those on youtube.

These guys are a bit slicker and more rehearsed than the teens and young men in Philly and Baltimore who invented doo-wop while they were enjoying summer nights, but they get it mostly right. And sound wonderful.

9 responses to “Street corner harmony for Friday (UPDATE: on Thursday)

  1. He, he, he…..

    Good Music…

    A Day early?


  2. We’re ALL getting old….

    Who cares if ya posted it on Thursday or Friday?

    Not me….


  3. I like that these guys are actually of the era too…. I’m so old I remember when Shhh Boom was racy and unmusical and generally unfit. Wonder what my mother would have made of rap?


    • Well pat, you could tell her – and this is TRUE – that Rap has rekindled interest in poetry especially among young people. Not surprising since so much of it IS poetry.


  4. That was fine, damn fine, Moe. Thanks for putting it up.


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