I was kind of hoping they could make it

The Westboro Baptist Church will picket Roger Ebert’s funeral on Monday, because he obviously asked for it. They’re very clear about that in their statement:

“American entertainment industry publicity leech Roger Ebert took to Twitterverse to mock the faithful servants of God at Westboro Baptist church, just days before he received the horrifying summons.”

To be fair, the tweets were pretty obscene. You may want to close your eyes:

ebert tweet

3 responses to “I was kind of hoping they could make it

  1. I’m old & slow, Mo. Were you being sarcastic (we REALLY need an emoticon for sarcasm!) or does “did.bz/cs74b” mean something?


    • Pat, llike sted said below – twitspeak is still a mystery to me too! (even though I created an account.) And yeah, dooes this translate as ‘sarcasm’? It’s called ‘wink’ I think .. . 😉


  2. Of course this entry was meant to be ironic tho I must admitt I don’t know how to decode twit-speak so his entries meant nothing to me. Too old, I guess.


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