An extra oldie for he-who-emerged from my own way back machine

 Did anyone else know that Shout goes back this far and was recorded by The Shangri-Las??? I certainly didn’t. (Shep is still in love with Mary Weiss from Queens it seems . . . )

10 responses to “An extra oldie for he-who-emerged from my own way back machine

  1. Actually, the The Shangri-Las covered it in 1965 but it was originally released by The Isley Brothers in 1959 so it’s even older than you now thought. 🙂


  2. Got a blank on the link, Moe. Said blocked by request, so searched it on UTUBE & got it. But, the faces of the backup singers were fuzzed out. Any idea why?


  3. Link no work, argh…


  4. The girl bands from that era were great . I am rediscovering them, especially the Ronettes .


  5. I’ll wager the blanked out faces are because they refused to waive infringment of intellectual property for a share of ad revenue as many do on youtube.. So they have been removed from the video. For what it’s worth.


  6. @Jim and @darkul81 (hey, welcoe!) – looks like copyright owners have prohibited use outside of you tube. Lately, I find I can click thru to ‘watch on youtube” either – it’s a WordPress thing. But you can right click on the youtube logo and COPY URL. Or, like Jim, you can go find it. But it is annoying when that happens!


  7. Try this, it is “woor ain wee Lulu” doing the song in 1964/5 so may predate the Shangralas. Sad that she is still asked to sing it 🙂


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