The efficieny of the market? Yeah, at selling, not servicing.

If you’ve had occasion to use a Federal government website to get information – personal or other – you know how good these sites are. They’re intuitive, have rational architecture and are easy for the user to navigate. No dead ends. They do, as did ‘Brownie’ in George W’s memorable words, a ‘great job’.

banging_head_on_the_wall_tAnd then there are the service corporations we all rely on – like Comcast. I’ve never had a pleasant experience with them online. Finding info is difficult because all the ‘buy more stuff from us’ gets in the way. Using their Search function leads to Google as often as it does to a relevant link on their own site. They clearly aren’t interested in servicing existing customers.

Oddly, they do a better job on the phone. I’ve mostly been able to get through to someone, usually the right person and they do try to help. But online they’re just awful.

Today I tried to sign on – something I’ve done dozens of times over the years – but my PIN was rejected. Doesn’t match their records they say. It’s nonsense, but that hardly matters since I can’t get in.

I clicked the ‘Help with Pin’ link – the message says they will email or send via the USPS (really!) within five business days. FIVE BUSINESS DAYS!

I’m speechless (not really). But  F-R-E-E-D-O-M.

6 responses to “The efficieny of the market? Yeah, at selling, not servicing.

  1. And this is a technology company?? Seriously, the problem is a lack of competition. The choice between Verizon or Comcast is NOT competition. In fact, it’s not much of a choice at all. Why should they bother with customer service when you have no where better to go?


    • Donald, even though Verizon fills my mailbox with FIOS promos, they don’t even service us down here. So for cable, it’s only Comcast. Monopoly pure and simple and it’s been illegal in this country for over 100 years.


  2. I’ll also point that my impression is that a phone call often tries to direct you to the sometimes opaque website, or a complicated phone menu.


    • bruce, I’ve found the best number to press on the phone menu, is the one for ‘new service’ or ‘to buy’. There is ALWAYS an alert person at the end of that line.


  3. You pinko! This is big government and we all know they can’t do anything right, right? All is best given over to a free market.


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