Never punch Rush in the belly


Moe wants you all to know that she’s under the weather—a fractured elbow–and will be posting infrequently for a while; a Saint Patrick’s Day post is a strong possibility, however. Elvis bless her, and let’s hope she heals quickly.

Stay tuned…

9 responses to “Never punch Rush in the belly

  1. Feel better, Moe!


  2. Abs of steel on Rush? Hard to believe, but I hope you heal fast Moe!


  3. Hang in there Moe, hope you’re up and about real soon.


  4. Get well soon, Moe. You are missed. 😦


  5. Sending healing energy your way. In the future if youre ever up my way stop in at our clinic, you can have some massage therapy on the house. 🙂


  6. Oh Moe, I hope you recover quickly. Take care.


  7. Very sorry to hear about your injury. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Maureen! And stay well.


  8. Get well soon Moe…..
    Sorry about about your injury…..


  9. Thanks (belated) everyone for the kind wishes. . . perhaps I faked it just for the sympathy!!!


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