How will Hannity handle this?

Republican Governor Rick Snyder of Illinois – adored by the new Right –  chooses Kevyn Orr as Emergency Manager of Detroit. Very good. Smart man. Chosen why? Chosen because he did it for GM and Snyder wanted the best.

Uh-oh . . . wasn’t there a certain media narrative in the way-back machine about how the auto bailout was a disaster?

What’s a FOX pundit to do? How can Limbaugh talk his way around this one? Eh. You know he will – child’s play for he who can, and brilliantly does,  justify absolutely any flip-flop as long as it’s his own or committed by any of his ideological allies (a cast which also changes over time adding yet another layer to the challenge of justification, but Rusty is up to it. No one does it better.)

2 responses to “How will Hannity handle this?

  1. Ms. Holland ,

    You really threw me . I kept trying to figure out why an Illinois Governor would make decisions concerning a Michigan city . Then I got it, right Governor, wrong State . I still don’t get why you believe that picking an experienced man for a difficult job would represent a flip flop for Conservatives. The Governor has to try to save a mismanaged City , the President did not have to save a mismanaged Corporate entity .


  2. Umm…Orr worked on Chrysler’s bankruptcy, not GM’s bail-out and restructuring insofar I know. That, if I’m right, would change the flavor of the whole thing.

    Of course, to be heartlessly honest, Snyder probably appointed Orr because Orr was the only qualified Black man around for the job and installing a Black in the job was the only way to get Detroit’s city council from continuing to fight the appointment in the courts.


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