White smoke

It’s done and the new pope is Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, age 76, the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, to be called Pope Francis.

11 responses to “White smoke

  1. I’m eager to see how he will respond to the clergy abuse crisis. I’ve been keeping an eye on the SNAP and Bishop Accountability websites to see if they have anything to say about him.


  2. I was holding out for Poutine in the Vatican but alas there are no cultured priests in the world. 🙂


  3. One thing to keep in mind is that Bergoglio was the “runner up” last time around and, given his age, is probably just another placeholder Pope.


    • I agree jonolan . . .a really twisted thought popped into my mind last night; Francis genuine life of humility will gain a great deal of publicity – the good kind – for all of his papacy. Might that not somewhat dim the light on the Church sex scandals?


      • I might, but I’m not 100% sold on the extent of that depravity because there’s too many people ready, willing, and able to fabricate such things and/or to blow those that are existent out of proportion.

        Remember, Michael Jackson? I still don’t know what he really did and neither does the rest of the “public” though we all seem to come down on one side of that or the other…

        Then again, I tend to turn a jaundiced eye towards all scandals that reach media prominence.


        • You’re kidding aren’t you? Seriously? The scandal covers almost half a century and dozens of countries on at least 3 continuents. And yo think it’s a fabrication? Even were there exaggeratoin and false accustations – and I’ve n o doubt there are some – the exyensive documentation of the Church protectting the perps and the number who have been indicted and found guilty . . . it’s not possible that htis is anything but real and horrific. And as always,, it was the coverup more than the crimes that spark the most outrage. And that is why the Church must bear the brunt of public condemnation more than the individual abusers, most of whose names we don’t even know.


          • No, I’m not kidding. Sexual Molestation of children is the one crime where, despite any lofty ideas to contrary, the accused is guilty until proven innocent and a reasonable doubt is rarely enough – unless the accused is very, very wealthy and famous.

            That’s not to say that I believe that none of it happened. It’s merely to say that I’m not totally convinced as to its extent or the extent of the “cover up.”


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