But I can never forgive him for ‘Freedom Fries’

A few years ago, I found myself in a dialogue here with disgraced former Congressman Bob Ney, who had been part of the DeLay-Abramoff axis. He went to jail. Abramoff went to jail. DeLay went on Dancing with the Stars.

But so it goes. That conversation was a few years back and now I can’t find it  . . . brief as it was, I found the man the very definition of repentant and reformed. He didn’t only change his ethical standards  – acknowledging his alcoholism, he also undertook to reform his eating and exercise habits. The result:

Back in the day

Back in the day

A new man

A new man

Ney is out and about again with a new book,  Sideswiped: Lessons Learned
Courtesy of the HIt Men of Capitol Hill (here). Since he’s my old BFF, I’ll read it.

The particular round of  corruption he got entangled in has always fascinated me. It was so blatant and so very very venal. It was almost out in the open and went on for years. (Christian pin-up Ralph Reed was involved; just the epic of he and Abramoff team-tagging some Indian tribes is screenplay worthy all on its own.)

Since Ney is doing the teevee book tour, I am reminded of all this. I wish the man well.

10 responses to “But I can never forgive him for ‘Freedom Fries’

  1. And what was wrong with “Freedom Fries?” It certainly got the point across that France was, at that time, our enemy and had sided with those who attacked us?

    It also galvanized the American people, gave them something to rally around, and helped in the boycott of French goods that seriously hammered France’s economy and went a large way towards toppling their then current regime.


    • @jonolan

      Freedom fries? You do realize not all French are in France, right? Afterall, the best fries come with cheese curds and gravy. Mmmmmmm Quebec poutine, tabernac. 😉


    • Any lover of languagae – and I’d count you as one – should have been offended.
      By the way jonolan, do you not think the coutnry with the largest Muslim population in Europe must should first have looked to their own national security?


      • Moe

        You should check out a movie called Bon Cop, Bad Cop. It will give you some insight in regards to our two solitudes.


      • I love language but I also love language with applied purpose and “Freedom Fries” was an awe-inspiring example of that. Sort like how L&A’s “donk donk” is not music per se, but is amazing for its power.

        As for the French Muslim problem – I’d consider that more if they’d already been having significant issues AND if France hadn’t been owed a lot of money by Saddam as well as being heavily invested in his regime.


        • I’d consider their investment in Iraq and the money owed them are to be considered in evaluating national interests. Canada wouldn’t come to Vietnam with us – were they therefore an enemy?


          • It was not France’s refusal to lend aid that caused the problem. It was closing their airspace to us and not allowing any transport of men or materiel through their territories that pissed off everyone.

            As for their national interests – sure. France’s interests and America’s diverged and went into conflict. That made them an enemy and we dealt with that and them in the most effective way that was at our disposal.

            Of all those who have ever refused to lend aid to America, Canada has been the only to consistently do so for purely moral reasons, insofar as I can see at least. I respect them for that and do not consider them an enemy because they have, while refusing aid, never hindered us either.


  2. He’s entitled to a second chance.


  3. “Trust, but verify” – The Gipper


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