The new Joe McCarthy, just like the old Joe McCarthy

TedCruzIf Elvis has any mercy left to spare us, then this guy will burn out before he has a chance to do anything like the damage done by the paranoid, alcoholic junior Senator from Wisconsin. Pure Maoists, both of ’em.

. . .  with his latest attack on Hagel, Cruz has gone too far. Cruz has every right — indeed, he has an obligation — to question Hagel vigorously. He has a right to demand relevant information. He has a right to vote against Hagel; indeed Republicans are now filibustering the nomination.

But he doesn’t have the right to smear Hagel, with no supporting evidence, with insinuations that the nominee received money from foreign governments or extremist groups.

“We do not know, for example, if he received compensation for giving paid speeches at extreme or radical groups,” Cruz told the Senate Armed Services Committee before it voted Tuesday to approve Hagel’s nomination. “It is at a minimum relevant to know if that $200,000 that he deposited in his bank account came directly from Saudi Arabia, came directly from North Korea.”

The “only reasonable inference” to draw from Hagel’s refusal to provide additional financial information, he said, is that “there was something in there that they did not want to make public.”


30 responses to “The new Joe McCarthy, just like the old Joe McCarthy

  1. I have seen quite a bit that reminds me of a rise in what could be construed as the New McCarthyism. Some comes from politicians like Cruz here but also from right-wing comments and blogs I’ve come across. It’s a bit scary and does give a glimpse to what could be if the current crop of Republicans do regain significant power.


  2. The comparison with Joseph McCarthy is right on target, Moe. Some things never change.


  3. His performance, if one can call it that, was jaw dropping. This guy went to Princeton and Harvard. Hard to know if he’s real or tea party short-lining.


  4. Doug….

    It doesn’t matter WHERE the guy went….

    His peformances so far are one of a bull in a china shop….

    Something newbie Senator’s DO NOT Due….

    One can only hope that his fellow Senator’s will tire of his grandstanding and take him out to woodshed for a good talking to…..

    I’m sure he thinks he’s helping the Conservative cause….


  5. I’m sure many of actions and comments WILL become Due later….


  6. I’m hoping the Senators tire of him and all RETIRE. A more useless bunch of ineffectual self interest promoting careerist politicians would be hard to find outside of Liberia or maybe Somalia. I actually glad he’s stirring things up after the last two decades of the Senator’s accepted standards of failure and mediocre. Even if it’s just to unite the RNC and DNC together against him. At least it gets these failing public servants working together on something…. anything. At least that would be a start. Maybe they’d figure out that they could actually work together on something and actually get some work done.


    • It’s an interesting thought POTR – sometimes it takes just that – one person or group ‘crossing the line’ makes other people come together. It’s the old ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’. Statecraft if you will.


  7. I am struck by how much he even LOOKS like ol’ Joe.


  8. Ed beat me to it. I think he does too.


  9. That was/is Bruce.


  10. The guy actually reminds me of Bill Maher. Same smug look.


    • Cruz does it from a powerful seat in the United States Senatre, the place where they make the laws. All Mahar has power to do is make us laugh. I’ll take Mahar’s verson T4T.


  11. Au contraire, I think politicians make me laugh the hardest. 😉
    And as far as the power goes it sure as shit aint in their hands.


  12. There are some who can see behind the curtain. It might not be your style of music but they are quite good and pretty accurate. 🙂


  13. In Canada, very, though it did take them a while to get there………not sure about the rest of the world. They are a little dark with their lyrics but I like that they are very aware. 🙂


    • I’m glad the video showed lyrics . . . as is often the case for those of a certain age, I have a hard time making out rock lyrics . . . good stuff. Reminds me of Bruce’s last album.


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