Next storm is called Orka

That’s a name?

20 responses to “Next storm is called Orka

  1. The Killer Whale!


  2. Actually, that was me. . .hit the wrong key.


  3. Steve beat me to it! Whale of a storm? Killer climate event? Can’t wait to see what “P” will bring.


  4. I thought it said OKra — of course that is equally stupid.


  5. Note from Southport:

    Reminds me of the snowy night the Weston fire engine demolished your “Grey.”
    Your home turf misses you, Maureen.


    • Ahhh, a 15-ton American LaFrance filled to the brim with water and a not too sober volunteer at the wheel. The car was so crushed that the Westport News ran a three column picture of it and quoted the guys at the towing company who said they’d ‘never seen so thoroughly destroyed a car”! And I had just gotten out of it 15 minutes before. Elvis was on my shoulder.

      Other snowy nights were better.


  6. Nemo…..Orka….

    Just keep the power going people!…..


  7. I just returned yesterday afternoon and didn’t know about the storm.


  8. PS: Hi Moe!


  9. Given that the last one was Nemo, I’m guessing – and it’s just a guess – that Orka is referring to the old, old, old Marvel Comics character, Orka from the very late ’60s or early ’70s.


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