Rich, and deserves every penny


10 responses to “Rich, and deserves every penny

  1. I don’t hate the rich, I just hate the idea that they’re supposed to be allowed to get away with everything, because they’re wealthy and therefore special. Nice pic of John Brennan there, btw.


  2. “What I hate is the rich using their wealth to get even richer on the backs of the poor.”

    This is a specious argument. Where are the limits and who should be appointed to enforce them? Economics derives from the reality of evolution and, in my humble opinion, the best we can do is embedded in the U.S. Constitution. It acknowledges reality in recognizing that the protection of “the pursuit of happiness” is the best we can hope for.


    • Jim, what I said isn’t an argument at all as far as I can tell–it’s just an intro for the music. Did you listen? It’s really good 😎


    • Jim, I think limits are quite possible and often quite necessary. We once had laws against usury and they served us very well. (What happened to those?) I don’t disagree that economics has its own dynamic but we can protect – in law – against fraudulent and exploitive practices.

      Today’s mega corporations have spent nearly a billion dollars blocking any restrictions that would restrict ‘free trade’ as practiced here in the US. That results in the destruction of entire industries and millions of jobs. Given that a corporation’s purpose is to make profit and is by nature amoral, it becomes incumbent on a government to intervene where it can.


      • Orphan said,

        “What I hate is the rich using their wealth to get even richer on the backs of the poor”,

        and I see that as a different matter than the government function of trying to ensure fairness, a.k.a. a level playing field. I am (also) totally in favor of consumer protection by government, and as a far as usury goes, good point. It seems to have died a lonely death somewhere. They should definitely bring it back, IMO.


  3. Yes, I can’t stand when people use others in order gain wealth.


  4. Shepard Sherbell

    Cynthia McKinney plays guitar?


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