Another gun tragedy

John Hinderacker of the Powerline blog – once a big deal (quite undeserved) and now not so much – is out of ammunition and can’t go play today.

But I couldn’t shoot because, with the exception of 100 rounds of 22LR and the loaded 9 mm magazines that I keep at home for purposes of self-defense, I was out of ammo.

And the stores don’t have any more which we’ve been hearing about, for reasons we’ve also been hearing about. But here’s a new one, to me anyway:

How about the fact that government agencies are buying up billions of rounds? There have been lots of news reports and lots of rumors, but no clear explanation of why the federal government has invested so massively in ammunition–including the most popular civilian calibers–over the last year. One way or another, it seems that there is a story here. But for it to be pursued, we would need “reporters.” Remember them? Nah, that was a bygone era: you probably don’t.

Maybe he should talk to this guy whose articles:

. . . have appeared in National Review, The Weekly Standard, The American Enterprise, American Experiment Quarterly, and newspapers from Florida to California.

His name is John Hinderacker.


5 responses to “Another gun tragedy

  1. Perhaps an IQ test should be required for these right wing lunatics who feel the need to share.


  2. Hmm. Obviously the ammo shortage is a vast conspiracy by the shadow government of the secretly Muslim Commie black Kenyan in the White’s House to buy up all the good stuff. You know, the one pretending that he can fire a shotgun just like a real American. How the hell are we going to protect our homes when the government’s jack-booted thugs come to take our survival supplies?


  3. Either that, or the Tea Partiers are buying up the ammo in preparation for that Day of Resistance thing 😉


  4. The latest be-afraid-be-very-afraid meme out in wingnuttia is that the US (or rather, the anti-American, anti-Christ, you know who I mean) is buying up all the ammo. Endless entertainment from these guys.


    • Whoops – what I get for staying away from this place too long – in that comment I repeat info from the post as breathless new information. (Re-read the post Moe before you add a comment!)


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