Much been happening around here? I just took a quick look at activity stats and it seems I’ve some catching up to do. Perhaps you’ve noticed the unbloggy bug is going around (election season withdrawal?); I got hit hard but am getting back up on my feet.

One thing I did observe over these recent days is that poor old Grampa McCain  is still railing at anyone and everyone to ‘get off my lawn!’.

But the Sunday gasbags must like that;  he remains the reigning champion for appearances at those (sooo tired) secular services –  I believe it’s 88 times on Meet the Press alone.

I think the old dear needs people to believe that Vietnam Iraq was a necessary and just war.

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  1. You’re right about John, Moe, the guy craves attention. His record shows he is a natural risk taker and he just might be addicted to the adrenalin rush that celebrity brings. That said, I have great admiration for his military accomplishments, somewhat checkered as they are, and particularly for his courage and endurance as a POW.

    When he was grilling Chuck Hagel in the recent confirmation hearings, repeatedly insisting that Hagel answer yes or no to whether his opposition to the Iraq surge was a mistake, I really wished Hagel had said this:

    “Senator, if you will agree to answer my question with a yes or no, I will answer yours, and my question is this: Was the Vietnam war, the one you fought in and to which you lost 6 years of your life, a political blunder and a waste of your sacrifice?” One-word answer, please. Yes, or no?

    Glad you’re back, Moe.


  2. Obama told Biden to take McCain with him to Germany to cool off it seems!


  3. I never EVER see John McCain on television without thanking God that he lost in 2008. If only he’d lost his Senate seat, too.


  4. I’m often reminded that the self-described mavericky maverick sure does sound a lot like every other cranky old right-wing coot. How was he mavericky again?


    • There was a time desertscope, up till the late ’90’s, when he regularly challenged his own party when they went all stupid – and was often reviled for it. It’s still amazing to me that THAT John McCain would be so careless as to put the likes of Palin on a presidential ticket.


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