Applying some of the ideas in last week’s Chomsky post

First, take a look at this map:


Now, consider this hypothetical scenario:

  1. Iran invades and occupies both Canada and Mexico.
  2. Iranian aircraft carriers and destroyers are patrolling the waters ten miles off the coast of Northern Virginia (as today American warships patrol the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz) to “protect Iranian interests.”
  3. The President of the United States announces that, if attacked, America will defend itself.
  4. Iran, before the UN, and using the President’s declaration as proof of US aggression and bellicosity, demands the international community enact economic sanctions and threatens military action “to contain the American threat.”

As an American, what would you think? What would you feel? What would you say?

7 responses to “Chomsky-ish

  1. How I would feel would depend to some extent on whether or not the POTUS was referring to Iran as the Great Satan and constantly calling for the extermination of all the Jews and the destruction of Israel. To a lesser extent it would also depend upon whether I believed my government was developing illegal weapons of mass destruction to further their genocidal ambitions.

    All of this is moot though. It doesn’t matter how Iran feels about America as every non-Dhimmi, American knows full well.


    • Please–America staged a coup in Iran that overthrew the elected President, installed a tyrannical ruler, and paid to keep him in power for 25 years, propped up by a US-trained and funded secret police, perhaps the most brutal in the modern era. Everything America claims to want for Iran–secular democracy, human rights, civil society–they had, and America took away from them.


      • Immaterial in the modern world, ojmo. Americans know that Iran is the enemy and will always be the enemy. All you’ve done is point out – quite rightly – that we made them so by our actions and later inaction.

        One thing though – The Shah that we put into power wasn’t particularly brutal. That was his heir, who was a right nasty piece of work and who we didn’t really provide much in the way of support to.


      • Further ojmo, in the ’50’s before the CIA coup, the leadership was Westernizing Iran. They were headed to our side, but they dared be polite to USSR also. I actually remember Prez Moussadek and how he was the internationall toast of the town, darling of the elites.. He was, in other words,, ‘one of us’. Talk about blowback.

        Also, to add to your list and let’s not forget – the Iraq invasion was ordered by the son of one president (one threatened by Iraq’s leader) whose brother governed a state where the election was decided in his brother’s favor by a state official aligned with the governor, as a cabinet member, and with the presidential candidate, as the regional leader of his political campaign. Nothing mid-Eastern about that!


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