Women in high heels

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden are Super Heroes. How else explain walking a mile plus on the street in pretty high heels, with nary a wince.

I’d have chosen different footwear.

15 responses to “Women in high heels

  1. No kidding! I was thinking that too… did you manage to see how high the heels were? I don’t buy anything higher than 1 1/2 inches and only for work!


    • Pat, I remember how cavalier I was walking around in high high heels – in my 20’s! I can’t even imagine it today without cringing at the thought.

      I do n’t htink they were in stilletos or high high, maybe 2 inch at most, but still . . .


  2. I’ve never tried those shoes. 😉


  3. I’ll give you “Super” but I think Villains fit them better than Heroes, if either label fits two women whose greatest “accomplishments” were sweating underneath men who would rise to some level of power and fame.

    And yes, by and large, that sentiment holds true across the political divide when it comes to the women who’ve reach some level of fame solely through their husbands.

    As a side note, I don’t know how to approach McCain. He rose to power on his own but has been a “Kept Man” for decades as his entire financial wellbeing stems from his wife’s wealth. Want to bet he voted to keep Viagra covered under the Congressional health insurance plan? 😆


    • Pretty vulgar there jonolan, emoticon or not.

      “two women whose greatest “accomplishments” were sweating underneath men who would rise to some level of power and fame.”

      And how do you measure accomplishments? A high level attorney who was her family’s primary wage earner before her husband went into politics and a PhD college professor?

      May I add Dolly Madison (one of the premier politicians of her time, albeit behind the scenes), Eleanor Roosevelt (an astonishing and important life), Jackie Onassis (did you know she saved Grand Central Station from the wrecking ball?), Lady Bird Johnson (she single handedly ended the cultural acceptance of littering; changing cultural atittudes is h-a-r-d), Betty Ford (brought alcoholism out into the open and changed millions of lives), Hillary (’nuff said) . . .

      Your comment is nonsense.


      • Funny, Moe; most people don’t normally consider the normal family activities as accomplishment and they certainly don’t consider them a reason for fame or emulation – though perhaps they should.

        Face it, people lend credence to Michelle because of her husband. She’s done nothing on her own to deserve it from the public at large.

        You even lend wait to my argument by your examples. All of those women, except for Obassis, were made famous due to their own actions, not due to who they married.


  4. Moe, Crocs were never fashionable.


  5. Jonolan’s sour comments manage to spoil even a light hearted discussion. This time he’s veered close to the edge of vulgarity, which adds no value at all.


  6. Ginger Rogers comes to mind — she did everything Fred Astaire did backwards and in heels.


    • Yes! Now she certainly deserves the accolade of Super Hero(ione) as would her contemporary, Hedy Lamarr, who was not only a fine sex symbol of her day and I good actress but also a world-class mathematician who developed a way to scramble radio communications for the Allied military in WW2 and, thereby built the basis for the Bluetooth, COFDM, and CDMA technologies we depend upon today.

      …in high heels!


    • Ed, try walking in heels . . .. on a city street . . . 20 and even 30 somethings do it fine,, bot oh do they pay the price later.


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