Our childrenz is saved!!!

teacher gunsAnd safe! Between this and armed kindergarten teachers, we’ve got it covered!

BOGOTA, Colombia – A Colombian firm that makes bulletproof vests is now creating armored clothing for children. . . .

Previously, the company had only manufactured for adults.

“After the tragedy in Connecticut, we started getting emails from customers [all over the US] asking for protected (clothing) because they were afraid to take their kids to school,” Caballero said.

Products include child-sized armored vests, protective undershirts and backpacks with ballistic protection that can be used as shields. The products are designed for children ages 8-16 years old . . .

Caballero performed a test on a pink-and-yellow striped bulletproof backpack attached to a pale blue protective vest, firing a 9mm pistol and a machine gun to show it could withstand a barrage of bullets.

Nailed it. USA! USA! 

15 responses to “Our childrenz is saved!!!

  1. Video game generation parents. Are they serious. To me it’s the end of the world as we know/knew it.


  2. I suggested kevlar armor for children last week, tongue in cheek. In LaPierre’s America nothing, apparently, is too absurd.


  3. People are so fucking stupid. And others will always manage to make a buck off of it.

    But of course, the answer is more guns. And yeah, that one in the teacher’s drawer? Great idea.


  4. O.K., maybe the super suits for the kids may not be such a bats***t idea after all – – so how about concertina wire-enclosed educational compounds where buildings are block houses with 7-foot concrete walls and where the kids themselves carry glocks? ( Kidding, folks, just kidding!) (Was that some kind of pun?)


    • John – I saw a cartoon (can’t find it now) that pictured a classroom in a school with armed guards at the door and exactly what you suggested (facetiously I know, but still . . . ) – concret block houses, wire enclosures. The whole hting is insane.


  5. Why aren’t these being made in the ol’ US of A? It would seem to be a growth industry that could employ thousands.


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