I didn’t build that!

WordPress has now sent the 2012 blog stats to its users. Allow me to share. 

Whatever Works is into its fourth year; my first post went up in September of 2009.  (Here it is.)


Since then, there have been 213,000 unique views. They came from  174 countries.

Here’s the history:

  • 2009 (partial year) – 4900
  • 2010 – 35,000
  • 2011 – 63,000
  • 2012 – 110,000

And there have been 2800 posts generating 20,000 comments.

As nice as this is, smug satisfaction from your bloghost is tempered by a less than glorious fact: the most viewed Whatever Works post of all time was, well, this. It got 2181 views because people were looking for that appalling photo. Humility is served.


I want to thank you all for visiting, for reading and for engaging in dialogue. Any blogger knows that over time, commenters become friends. And that’s the best part. Without you, this place is just noise. Just noise.

2013, here we come. . .

9 responses to “I didn’t build that!

  1. Oooh, that hurts! Oh well, Moe. At least you weren’t saying you wanted to be like her!


  2. “Is this thing working?” I think is a great start. You’ve got to pace yourself – you know, start slow, then fizzle out all together.

    Thankfully, you haven’t fizzled yet.

    Your Tampa bud,



  3. Even your first post was provocative 😉 Was that thing, indeed, working? Don’t feel too bad about the tanning salon…I have learned the hard way on Facebook that people are far more interested in pictures of food than they are political analysis 🙂


  4. Congradulations Moe!

    keep it coming!


  5. Congrats Moe. Keep on blogging.


  6. Gads … I remember that photo! Meanwhile, keep up the good work and cheers to continual growth and success in 2013.


  7. Keep going I enjoy the wit and sense!


  8. Who said this was a slow economy!!!


  9. Thanks for the kind words all. I guess if I want to grow those numbers, I guess an occassional dip into the vulgarity of ‘popular’ culture can’t hurt.


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