In 2012, American teevee came through once again

At ToolServer (some sort of Wikipedia offshoot), there’s a nifty compilation of  2012’s top Wikipedia searches by language. This one particularly caught my eye (and yes, I checked, that “G” is indeed a search for the letter G. Almost four million times, Germans went to Wikipedia for information on the letter G). Go here for more list fun.

top 10

8 responses to “In 2012, American teevee came through once again

  1. Happy New Year, Moe!


  2. I just checked and G is very interesting. Thanks and Happy New Year.


  3. Is a Nekrolog one of those ‘who died this year’ things? Obituaries in general? It’s interesting that four of the ten things are American TV programs — and three of them total trash at that.


  4. I was interested in ‘sackgasse’ (a windy politician?) and then decided to look around more. I tried to look up “houx crenele” (top search in French) and evidently the literal translation is ‘crenelated holly’ –???? Crenelate in the sense of the toothed top of castles and holly like the plant. Whatever can this be? Any French people on this list to explain ??


  5. Oh yeah — sackgasse (disappointingly) means dead-end or cul de sac. 😦


    • Pat – given what you’d told us (thanks for taking it a step further), I think we’ve WAY underestimated the species’ proclivity for the vapid and trivial. It’s as though no one is interested in anything of any importance!

      But hey, I wish them, liike you Pat, a very Happy New Year.

      (and by the way, go ahead and pass on that gun post and commentary – you’re welcome to do that anytime.)


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