festivus-poleIt’s here at last.

11 responses to “Festivus!

  1. At last! I have nothing but admiration for you, Moe, coming out of the closet like this and announcing your appreciation for the grand event of Festivus. The closet is where I’ve been keeping my own Festivus pole, but thanks to your example I plan to bring it out, out, into the light where it belongs. I’m going to do that tomorrow. Or the next day. Soon, anyway. All year I’ve been making a list, anticipating the Airing of Grievances, and it’s gotten pretty dang long. Catharsis is nigh! Hail Festivus!


  2. Moe, I never knew. You, a pole dancer. 😉


  3. I think we celebrated in style last night.


  4. Festivus should be declared a week-long national holiday.


  5. Shepard Sherbell

    The Washington Post?


  6. Happy Festivus, Moe!


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