What’s one more day? I’m holding off on that Christmas shopping

Let these be a gentle reminder in case we’re to meet Elvis tonight as the clock counts down to the Apocalypse.

But should we survive and awake to a morning, then let these be our Friday oldies.


7 responses to “What’s one more day? I’m holding off on that Christmas shopping

  1. I have a couple questions: Will it hurt? Will the whole world just go poof at once or will it happen at midnight in each time zone, you know, like New Year’s Eve? Darn it, I should have studied on this…


  2. I have a feeling that the world will go on and be just as tedious as it was before 😉 And since Australia is still there, I’m probably right….


    • Australia made it thru already? Hmmm, maybe I should put the cigarettes away. I was thinking,, what the heck, may as well puff a bit before it’s all over, but . . . .


  3. Dearest Moe,

    I have got to stop reading your blog. I read this post yesterday and it caused me to wake with cold sweats this morning – cause I thought I saw Elvis and I was a goner.

    It’s true, and I’ve got the picture to prove it:
    Actually, it turned out it wasn’t Elvis afterall, but I blame all this on you.

    Your friend,



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